DDoS Protected Webhosting
Simple   -   Easy to use   -   10x faster! Fast and Secure Webhosting with Shovl.

It's time to stop using shared hosting and get dedicated Cloud Webhosting powered by Docker, every website has its own dedicated resources, regardless of other customers load, your Website will always perform the same.

Fast and secure DDoS Protected webhosting by Shovl
Lots of hosting services in town.
Why you should choose Shovl?
Shield Protection

Shovl Webhosting comes with Shield integration, this protects your website from DDoS, SQLi, XSS & more click here to learn more.

Innovative Technology

The Shovl platform utilizes Docker containers for maximum performance, this means every single website has its own webserver with dedicated resources.

User Friendly

Shovl built its entire platform from the ground up, it doesn't use proprietary software like cPanel but has it's own custom interface built to be easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.


Every website has it's own webserver in a Docker container and isolated from others, this isolation provides an extra layer of security and better performance.

Blazing Fast Webservers

Shovl offers NGINX with MariaDB to host even the most resource heavy websites. No matter the amount of visitors, your website will perform swiftly.


Our entire platform is customizable, you can configure your website exactly as you like it, security and software wise.

Security and Reliability like no other.

Your website will come pre-installed with Free SSL/HTTPS using LetsEncrypt and Protected by the Shovl Shield.

Speed up your website.

Your website will perform better with dedicated cloud resources on Docker, alongside NGINX as a webserver and MariaDB for SQL

Afforable plans for high quality services.
Have a question in mind?
Feel free to check common questions.
Why are the prices slightly higher than other hosts?

Why is Fiber optic more expensive than ADSL? New technologies have different prices, we don't provide shared hosting, this service provides dedicated cloud webhosting.

How good is Shovl Webhosting performance compared to the average webhost?

Most shared webhosts use Apache with Mysql, unlike them, Shovl uses NGINX with MariaDB which runs 10x faster.

I want to migrate my website to Shovl, can you help?

Sure thing! We will help you migrate your website to our webhosting at no charge.

Do you offer any non SQL Database servers like MongoDB?

No, Shovl only provides MariaDB which is an opensource improved version of Mysql.

Is it hard to use?

We built the service to be easy to setup, a few clicks and DNS records and you're good to go, it only takes 5 minutes to setup.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Of course! We use LetsEncrypt to generate a SSL certificate for your website for free.

What are you waiting for? Host with Shovl today!